Friday, July 31, 2020

월만즉휴 (月满则亏)

Once the moon reaches its fullness, it shine starts to wane. Anything that peaks will inevitably be set on a course to demise. No power has lasted forever and no amount of human ingenuity has ever broken the curse of being successful. When everything is over, all we can do is look back and sigh, "It has seen better days."

Location: Gyeongju Wolji (경주 월지, 慶州 月池)
Date: 9 May 2018

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


"It is the darkest before dawn", so they said as words of encouragement when you think it is probably time to stop and rest. But to witness sunrise, I have to wake up during the 'darkest hour' and find my way to the seaside. The night was not pitch black, the light beam from the lighthouse was searing through the darkness at regular intervals. It was cold nevertheless, as I waited for the light to recover the land. Slowly, twilight took over the sky as dawn arrived. Colony of seagulls was busy preparing for the arrival of a new day. I never quite understand others' excitement about sunrise but when I have my first glance at the egg-yolk red morning sun peeking through the grey cloud above the horizon, I knew, I saw hope.

Location: Homigot, Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province
Date: 25 April 2015