When I was thinking of what to call this blog, the title that first entered my mind was "Memography of Hanguk". Memography is a composite word of "memory" and "photography".  I have originally intended for this blog to be about my (old or new) memories of Korea through photographs. But on second thought, I may not want my memories to be restricted to Korea alone.

If I distill my memories of Korea further, it was all about "hope" and "dream". I thought "Sunrise and Breeze" was a good euphemism for "hope" and "dream". If I have not gone to Korea, I would not have discovered I could live a life not built purely on practical considerations. My life has changed as well as my perspective of it and I like to record some of those wonderful moments that went past.

This blog is a spin-off from my other blog "Mountain and Field" and I won't be covering new ground here.

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