Wednesday, August 5, 2015

자유자재 (自由自在)

The Korean Alps is at Daegwalleong. I like to think of it as such though I have never been to the Alps. Being a highland region, it seems, the blue sky is much nearer to the ground and the green pasture stretches to the end of the world. View is especially clear when there is nothing to obstruct or obfuscate it. Mind wanders away easily when a gust of wind blows past and the tall grasses start swaying in tune with the rhythm of nature. I read that a new ranch in Daegwalleong, Sky Ranch (하늘목장), has open its door to the public last year after 40 years of operation. I wish I can visit it but I think I have enough of Korea. 어떻하죠?

Location: Daegwalleong Samyang Ranch (대관령 삼양목장, 大關嶺 三養牧場)
Date: 9 September 2009

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