Monday, April 15, 2019

북쪽의 산천

I wish I could say it was last year but ten years have passed since I visited Hwacheon. It barely snowed in 2009 and my first winter was not turning out the way I was hoping. My trip to Hwacheon was a consolation. When there was no snow to wallow in, I could at least walk on a frozen river.

Hwacheon is north of 38th parallel line but not in North Korea. Sancheono, the "star" of the festival is a mountain trout found in Hwacheon and lends its name to KTX II, Korea's second generation high speed rail.

Location: Hwacheon Sancheono Festival (화천산천어축제, 華川山川魚祝祭)
Date: 17 January 2009

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