Tuesday, February 17, 2015

화기애애 (和氣藹藹)

수많은 사신 중 윗 사진은 가장 인상적이다. 화사한 겨울 날씨속 화기애애한 반 친구들이랑 경희대 본관 앞 함께 단체 사진을 찍었더니 문득 봄이 일찍 오는 듯 마음이 따뜻해졌다.

Everything was right in this photo - the weather, the exposure and the chemistry. We have just finished our winter school photo shoot and there was some time left for class photo. My camera lens first found Ga-ga, Asel and A-jeong. After two shots, the rest joined in. The atmosphere suddenly warmed up, like spring has arrived early without notice.

Location: Kyung Hee University
Date: 14 January 2009

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