Tuesday, February 24, 2015

상전벽해 (桑田碧海)

Much has changed since I started learning Korean language. NUS Extension has since discontinued its Korean language programme. The once humble Singapore Korean School has shifted and grown to become an international school. Paper dictionary and e-dictionary have been collecting dust in the drawer as I rely on Daum dictionary apps these days for the meaning of Korean words.

Change is a universal constant but the fast pace of change of city life is a nemesis of happiness. I like to savour a moment of peace whenever opportunity arises. On my trip to Taejongdae in Busan, the scenery of a peaceful fishermen port off Amnam Dong caught my sight. A solitary lighthouse, idling fishing boats, playful seagulls and rippling sea painted a picture of serenity. When things slow down, happiness starts to surface. I know it because I felt it.

Location: Amnam Dong, Busan (암남동 부산, 岩南洞 釜山)
Date: 2 April 2008

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