Monday, March 9, 2015

유유상종 (類類相從)

A dinner of spicy mushroom soup was the first time S, K and I met as a group. I knew S because we were in the same Korean language class. As for K, I knew her because we were reader of each other's blog. To complete the triangle, S and K became friends through my blog, I guess, because I never asked. After the dinner, we adjourned to Twosome Place and chatted the night away. So this is how three Singaporeans met for the first time in Seoul who later became "noraebang buddies" with own "noraebang's anthem song" - "총 맞은 것처럼".

I believe the reason behind our meeting was "유유상종". We were all learning Korean langauge and of the same nationality. People who walk the same path and look in the same direction are bound to meet someday. Our meeting was "planned" and not accidental. In fact, I believe nothing in my life's encounters was a matter of chance. If I don't know the reason, it's because I'm not wise enough yet.

Location: Twosome Place (Gwanghwamun outlet)
Date: 31 March 2008

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